Q1: Where and when was URC established?
A: URC originated from the Philippines and traces its beginnings all the way back to 1954 (for more info, please click here). URC Malaysia was then established in 1982 and began operations in 1984. URC Malaysia is part of URC Branded Foods Group International Division, which includes countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong and China.

Q2: Where is URC’s headquarters located?
A: The URC Corporate HQ is in the Philippines. In Malaysia, the URC Manufacturing Plant is located in Pasir Gudang, Johor, while its Sales & Marketing Office is in Shah Alam, Selangor. Its branch offices are warehouses can also be found in Ipoh and Malacca too.

Q3: Is URC a privately or publicly owned company?
A: URC is a publicly owned company listed in the Philippines Stock Exchange.

Q4: What products does URC sell?
A: The main product categories sold by URC Malaysia are Snacks, Chocolate, Biscuits and Candies (for more info, please click here).

Q5: Are all ingredients used in URC products safe for consumption?
A: YES. URC strictly adheres to all rules and regulations regarding the ingredients used to manufacture its products and is 100% safe for consumption. URC is very strict about this and will never compromise on the safety of its valued consumers.

Q6: Are URC products “HALAL”?
A: All URC products are 100% certified “HALAL”. Products produced in its Johor factory are all “HALAL” as certified by “JAKIM”. As for imported products from its sister company in other countries, they are certified “HALAL” by its own respective local “HALAL” governing body, which is recognized by JAKIM.

Q7: Does URC Malaysia currently export its products to other countries?
A: YES. URC Malaysia exports to Singapore, Brunei, Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR, Mauritius, Maldives, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Thailand, Pacific Island, Middle East, West Africa, Seoul Korea and Japan. For Export enquiries, please click here.

Q8: What are the quality assurances of URC products?
A: On top of the safe and quality ingredients used, URC also complies with a very strict regime of Quality Control for all products. The URC Quality Assurance and Quality Control Department is very strict and is highly trained to adhere to all “Safety” and “Quality” procedures.