Twin Adrenaline Rush @ Roller Coaster X-Treme Challenge!

As the saying goes, good things always come in two’s. That’s why this year, Roller Coaster brings you non-stop, hair-raising action by combining two exhilarating events – the Roller Coaster X-Treme Challenge and the Tripl3 Thrill3r Thr3at – into one mega explosive challenge for twice the fun!

Partnered with Hot FM and Fly FM, the public were gamely invited to hunt down the radio cruisers to take part in games and quizzes in order to win lucky passes to Skytrex Adventure Park at Taman Botani Negara for the Roller Coaster X-Treme Challenge. After weeks of mad chasing after the radio cruisers, 250 adrenaline junkies finally descended onto Roller Coaster X-Treme Challenge at Skytrex Adventure Park on 28 May 2011 – all ready to battle their way to the top on that wet and wild morning!

From exhilarating flying fox to climbing rope ladders to dizzying heights to crossing zigzag bridges strung high up on trees at breakneck speed to beat the other contestants, the extreme-activity-loving duo of Arzy Fazamy Ahmad, 32 and Amarani Amir, 33 emerged as Grand Prize winners to score a brand new iPhone 4, hampers and a cash prize of RM500! As for the First Runner-ups, Dzulkifli Alip, 27 and Amirul Ikhsan, 28, they were pleasantly surprised to win an Xbox each, hampers and RM300 in cash prize.

Right after the flying excitement of Skytrex, quick on the heels of the Roller Coaster X-Treme Challenge was the Tripl3 Thrill3r Thr3at, whereby lucky candidates who completed an online survey were able to score an exclusive chance to conquer land, water and air via the Tripl3 Thrill3r Thr3at by go wet and wild while riverboarding in Kampar on 16 July 2011,
roaring off on an Off Road ATV expedition in Ulu Kelang on 24 July 2011 and Paramotoring in Pulau Indah on 23 July 2011!

With so much heart-stopping fun in the sun, this summer with Roller Coaster was definitely an ultimate experience for us and all you wacky, thrill-loving kindred souls that joined us in going loco. The only question is, what other thrills shall we embark on next to top off these unforgettable experiences? Heh.