Every day is extra ‘kaw’ with Cloud 9

Stand a chance to win cool limited edition merch when you rap!

Kuala Lumpur, 1 July 2022 – Calling all aspiring rappers! Drop some bars and bring ‘kaw’ excitement into your life by joining Cloud 9’s KAW Rap Challenge, and stand a chance to win some sweet limited edition merchandise! 

To turn up the beat for everyday life, Cloud 9 has launched its KAW Rap Challenge to unite artists and TikTok sensations, including local rap singer Sabronzo, to showcase their skills and rally Malaysians to rap together on TikTok. Other noteworthy TikTokers in the line-up include Sabronzo and a line up of rappers and influencers.  

Together with these celebrities, Cloud 9 wants to ignite the passion of everyday Malaysians and motivate them to reach their goals – with a rap contest! 

Malaysians can join in the fun of the KAW Rap Challenge. Show off your talent and passion by rapping a verse and posting it on TikTok. The most creative and catchy rap verses will be in the running to bag some limited edition swag signed by Sabronzo! 

The extra burst of ‘kaw’ in the new Cloud 9 bar immediately lifts one’s spirits and gives one the extra push they need to take on daily challenges. Every bite is rich with the Choco-Tarik experience, which is Cloud 9’s signature golden caramel stretch combined with perfectly roasted peanuts and nougat. Cloud 9 is available in Classic, Plus, Fruit & Nut, Overload and Crispies. 

Rapping can be tricky, but joining the KAW Rap Challenge is not! Open to Malaysian citizens residing in Malaysia over 16 years old, the contest begins on 4th July 2022 and closes at 23:59:59 on 31st July 2022. 

All you need to do is record yourself rapping a verse about a small victory in your life and why Cloud 9 is your snack of choice to reward yourself after achieving a daily goal. Exercise your creativity and bust a rhyme about the chocolaty goodness of Cloud 9’s new and improved recipe.

Remember to post the submissions on TikTok using the mandatory hashtags ‘#KawRapChallenge’ and ‘#BaekPunyaCloud9’, and tag @cloud9my. Also, make sure your verse contains these words: ‘Cloud 9’, ‘KAW’, and ‘Chocolate’ or ‘Coklat’. 

Eligible rap verses will be judged by creativity. There are 3 Grand Prizes to be won; each winner would take home a limited edition Cloud 9 hoodie-and-cap set signed by Sabronzo! 

The winners will be announced on 15th August 2022 via Cloud 9’s official social platforms, so do follow these accounts to stay updated: 
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